We look forward to welcoming you on our website .

In our small animal practice we serve both domestic animals such as dogs and cats and all pets such as birds, Rodents

( rabbits, guinea pigs , hamsters , rats, mice , degus ) , ferrets and turtles are with us also welcome.


The animal as a friend of the people is our focus . Us is particularly loving , anxiety -free treatment and conscientious investigation , as well as the sympathetic handling of the pet owners at heart .


Animal owners and should feel at ease and have no fear of the next visit .


So that your best friend stays healthy, we place great emphasis on prevention, a thorough and rapid diagnosis and the personal expert advice on fair terms .


Holistic thinking and medical skills in collaboration with specialist colleagues are our top priority .


General services


General investigation

Soft tissue surgery


Blood tests and fecal examination


accident care

Dietary advice in dogs and cats

Einatz of medical feed

travel advice

Advice for the purchase of a pet


surgical interventions

Castration of female and cat

Castration of dog and cat

Castrations of male and female guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets

removal of tumors

Eye surgery

Dental care for . B. tartar removal with ultrasound

Other soft tissue surgery

pain Therapy